About Us

Kaz Shiraz

Kaz graduated in 2009 from the BSc Audiology degree. During his training Kaz worked at the local hospital in High Wycombe and on graduating worked in Austria for a leading in cochlear implant manufacturer. He then went onto work for one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers as a Technical Support Audiologist; supporting audiologist and hearing aid users with the troubleshooting/technical advice and training to achieve effective outcomes. He then progressed to associate product manager leading to the full role as Product Manager and Head of Technical Support for the UK operations.

As a leading independent hearing care professional Kaz takes great pride in offering the very best audiology services, including earwax removal, to all his clients.  He has enjoyed his, and is looking forward to doing more, humanitarian work overseas as part of Hear Today Hear Tomorrow.

Zoe Fawcett-Eustace

Zoe began her working career in PR in London before re-training to be a couture milliner at The Chelsea School of Art.  Having started to lose her hearing at 14 and after a few happy hatting years, Zoe had deafness surgery at the renowned Clinique Causse in Bezier, France.  Helping restore some of her hearing.  A request to answer the phones in EMI’s Mobile Recording Studios office, during her recuperation from the surgery, led to a new and exciting career in the music industry.  Initially with EMI and then The Sanctuary Music Group before taking some time out to have her family.

Gordon McIntyre

Gordon is innately entrepreneurial and hugely enthusiastic. He has thrown his energies into many enterprises, commercial and altruistic, over the years. Some more commercially successful than others!

His greatest ‘success’ to date was founding PID Systems (PID).  PID designed, manufactured and hired out portable security systems aimed at the construction industry.

With a shared love of the outdoors Gordon and Zoe, who met as students have collaborated on various projects over the years.  Most recently creating the not for profit RCC-Crew.  A marine operation set up to tackle beach pollution on the Scottish West Coast.