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Having been deaf for many years I had accumulated a small collection of my previously used NHS and private hearing aids. They’d been sitting in the back of a drawer for a long time. I was amazed and thrilled to find out that it would be possible for them to be cleaned up and sent to help children in Africa and Eastern Europe. I couldn’t find all the old boxes so I either boxed them or just wrapped them in a few layers of kitchen roll and put them in the post. It made me very happy to be able to do something worthwhile with them. Thank you Hear Today Hear Tomorrow.

Anonymous | February 2022

Hi Zoe, Thank you for your email, I am an individual and got to hear of your organisation from a family friend, I had been making enquiries to where I could donate these hearing aids which are virtually new, which came from a good friend and neighbour who has passed away.

I did try returning them to Specsavers but said they could not accept them? So was very pleased to have had your contact details, and an organisation to make good use of them.

Best Wishes, BP, Surrey.

BP, Surrey | May 2023

‘This is a phenomenal idea!  Bravo!!!’

Lisa Hagar Straight-Talking PR Director & Linkedin’s favourite Queen of HR | May 2023

‘Great idea!  Just shared with our Care Home Team,  who I am sure will take it forward’

Raina Summerson – Group CEO at Agincare | May 2023

‘What a great intitiative’

Samuel Barrington, Founder CIA Group | May 2023

‘In amongst all the sadness of losing our father it gave us a small measure of comfort to donate his hearing aids.  To know that they will go on to help others hear better.  Thank you HT.’

Mr R Legbar, Kingsbridge | May 2023